Miami Marlins is the official Miami Baseball team in the National League of baseball. Roaring Concepts has developed a marketing and sales strategy, social networking plan, on-campus promotions, graphic design, and promotional items.

Miami Marlins

ScubaNation is an all-things scuba show. It is hosted by Billy C and Bitchin Mitch as they take you on riveting adventures underwater. Their mission is to show scuba divers, water enthusiasts, and people who love the ocean the many adventures and hidden gems of the underwater world. Roaring Concepts helped ScubaNation accomplish its mission through social media campaigns, strategy development, and email marketing.


Dragonfly Life + Dragonfly Chef

Dragonfly Life is a gourmet meal delivery service that aims to attract the busy person who has no time to cook but still likes to enjoy a good quality meal. Dragonfly Chef is a private chef that brings sophistication and gourmet meals to any private event. The team worked on content marketing, social media campaigns, and Facebook advertising campaigns.


PDQ is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in fresh hand-battered chicken tenders, made-to-order sandwiches, daily cut fries, hand-spun milkshakes, and fresh salads. PDQ was working with us on promoting their Miami Flagler location to FIU students and the surrounding communities and businesses. 

Taco Maker Mexican Grill

Taco Maker is a Mexican restaurant where they feature fresh and delicious Mexican food to fit any taste and diet. They are a franchise but focused on their location in front of FIU. The team conducted market research, strategy development, and executed on-campus promotions to raise awareness of campus.


Nexxt Generation Nutrition 

Nexxt Generation Nutrition is a health shop specializing in personalized workout and nutrition plans. “The New and Modernized concept of Fitness and Nutrition.” Our team worked on a social media campaign, on-campus promotions, and web development.

GEM Spring Water

GEM Water is introducing its natural spring water from the mountains of Jamaica to Miami. A relatively new company, the assembled team participated in market research, strategy development, on-campus promotions, and content creation.


LaserLand & Adventures

Laserland & Adventure provides a fun environment for laser tag, arcade and redemption games, party rooms, and corporate, fundraising, and promotional events. Our team conducted market research, strategy development, and on-campus promotion.


Aloha Landscaping

Aloha Landscaping provides residential and commercial property owners with the finest in landscaping services, from design and installation to regularly scheduled maintenance. Team worked on web development and design & layout.



StudySoup is a peer-to-peer marketplace. It is a note-sharing website where professors and students can sell or buy notes for their courses. Team worked on strategy development, on-campus promotions, and social media campaign.



Golden Touch Haircut & Shaves

Golden Touch is a premier, up-and-coming barbershop offering traditional men’s grooming services with an emphasis on affordable pricing and outstanding quality. They are located on-campus in GC and in Kendall. Our Roaring Concepts members worked on a campaign strategy for promotions and executed these events on-campus.


Galceran Auto Electric

Galceran Auto Electric is a full-service car repair shop located just minutes away from FIU. They have the most qualified mechanics and systems for screening car problems in seven different locations across Miami. The team worked on on-campus promotions.


Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek is a weekly business magazine that quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news, and insight around the world. Every year they publish a list of rankings of US business schools. Our team was responsible for conducting on-campus promotions of Bloomberg Businessweek to then increase participation in their school ranking survey.



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EtroPack is a company that specializes in the sustainable and recyclable production of plastic. The company is currently based in Venezuela and has plans on expanding in the US soon. Our Roaring Concept team members are working to increase the company’s presence on social media, specifically LinkedIn and Instagram. We’re also working to cultivate a greater interest in the sustainability movement and how we can become more environmentally conscious.



Hydroxgard is a water-based disinfectant created by Dr. Fred that uses ECA technology to kill germs and bacteria. Due to its gentle ingredients, it is safe to use virtually anywhere and biodegradable. Our Roaring Concepts members executed a social media campaign that focused on promoting the product and building loyalty towards the brand. Along with this, we revamped the brand’s website and redesigned the product. 

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