Laserland & Adventure provides a fun environment for laser tag, arcade and redemption games, party rooms, and corporate, fundraising, and promotional events. Our team conducted market research, strategy development, and on-campus promotion.



Community Networker and AMA are co-hosting a one-day technology event where professionals and young millennial’s spend a day learning about the cross point between technology and business. The team conducted a situational analysis in order to find a strategy to involve the FIU community, and help plan and execute this said event.


Nysus is a small importer and distributor of wine and artisan beer that focuses on providing a unique and diverse portfolio to their clients. As a fairly new company in Miami, it needed to establish brand placement. Therefore, Roaring Concepts created various media campaigns including a sweepstakes to engage current and potential consumers. We were able to develop a situational analysis and put together a tactical plan while also creating a portfolio to portray through each social media channel as well. Additionally, we were able to effectively market Nysus through the internationally known South Beach Food & Wine Festival.


FlowKPI is a cloud-based software that allows businesses to generate raw sets of values fed to the system, which can help organizations track performance against business objectives. FlowKPI helps businesses by automating KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) across point of sale or internal business networks, audits (on shelf- availability, compliance, product assortment, demo confirmations, training, price checks, etc.), research (surveys, concept testing), and customer satisfaction, among others. Roaring Concepts has worked on market research, strategy development, a social networking campaign, and public relations campaign.

Night Owl Cookie Co. is South Florida’s first business to provide late-night dessert delivery service. They need to be known as a unique choice for consumers to satisfy those sweet cravings as well as have consumers recognize their different and unique creations. They are looking to create brand awareness in FIU’s dorms and social media campaigns to engage current and potential consumers.  Roaring Concepts was able to create a social media campaign for their overall brand awareness online. An advertising campaign was created to appeal to students living in the FIU dorms. They also provided the client with a yearlong social media plan to increase our student body.



Animals rescued by the Pembroke Pines Police Department are held with the mission of reuniting the animal with the owner or providing it a new permanent home. Roaring Concepts created the social networking campaign plan and enhanced the website to aid the organization in expanding its presence online and inform the community regarding the adoption process, events, donations, and happy adoption stories. A social networking guideline was created to inform the client of an efficient technique to manage their social platforms. A redesigned website was built on Wix.com


Maioli Goods LLC is a local family company dedicated to creating delicious Maioli sauces for anyone looking to enrich their everyday meal. Roaring Concepts generated an integrated marketing campaign. Primary research was collected through a focus group and survey.




Daily Solutions is a luxury cleaning vacation home company in The Keys. As a startup company, its main focus was the development and creation of a strategic plan, and to increase brand awareness, along with a website and promotional items. Roaring Concepts conducted research to understand its competitive market. The agency also branded the company by designing a logo developed the website.





Roaring Concepts is our in-house marketing agency. Our teams’ goal is to recruit new members for the next semester, and updating the agency website. After conducting a situational analysis, our Roaring Concepts members created guerrilla marketing events on campus to promote to the student body as well as social media campaigns. All events were implemented within budget limitations. 

A book to educate people about Down syndrome, it is targeted to middle school students. Since bullying is one of the main concerns in schools, we want to help by discouraging bullying in middle schools. Our team assisted in the creation of a public relations campaign, website, and social media plan. The team developed a website on WordPress, which they had a workshop for to learn about this software. The team created social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, the team developed a campaign for the Annual Down Syndrome Walk to promote the book and increase sales.


The team promoted the event on campus by passing out flyers and brochures, and by using a social media campaign to create awareness of the organization’s mission and to encourage students to attend the event. FIU students attended the event, and will return to the event in 2015 to support the cause.